Autonomy Autonomous takeoff, flight, landing
Navigation Redundant INS and GPS
Power plant ROTEX 914(114 hp)
  ROTEX 915(141hp)
Data/video link Fully digital, compressed video (up to 4 simultaneous feeds )
Typical D/L range 50km,100km or 200km
Dash speed 120km/h
Cruise speed 80km/h (for best endurance)
Endurance(200kg payload) 1.5h with rotex 914
  2h with rotex 915
Endurance(100kg payload) 4h with rotex 914
  6h with rotex 915
Endurance(20kg payload) 10h with rotex 914
  15h with rotex 915
Maximum wind resistance level 14m/s
Typical payload 200kg
MTO weight 450kg with rotex 914
  530kg with rotex 915
Max.dimensions Length 3500mm
  Width 1240mm
  Height 1300mm
Main rotor diameter 5500mm
Swarm tactics Supporting

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